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Liz Crowe's TAPPED Tour & #Giveaway

The Brewing Passion Series #1
By Liz Crowe
Genre: NA Romance

When wealthy brewery owner Austin Fitzgerald meets sexy saleswoman Evelyn Benedict, angry sparks fly. They seem destined to clash, until a hot hookup in a cold beer cooler changes everything.
For Austin, it's a life-altering moment that sets him on a path away from his birthright, while Evelyn must face her fears about committing to a man considered the playboy of the micro-brewing world.
The power of preconceived notions nearly tears them apart—until they meet up with brew master Ross, who opens their eyes to a deeper, even more erotic connection.
But three strong personalities don’t always make for the best emotional mix and when a simple misunderstanding causes chaos, it’s up to Ross to somehow repair the tattered shreds of their relationship.

Amazon best-selling author, mom of three, Realtor, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, and soccer fan, Liz Crowe is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse.
Her early forays into the publishing world led to a groundbreaking fiction subgenre, “Romance: Worth the Risk,” which has gained thousands of fans and followers interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”).
With stories set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch, in successful real estate offices and at times in exotic locales like Istanbul, Turkey, her books are unique and told with a fresh voice. The Liz Crowe backlist has something for any reader seeking complex storylines with humor and complete casts of characters that will delight, frustrate and linger in the imagination long after the book is finished.
Don’t ever ask her for anything “like a Budweiser” or risk bodily injury.

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Saved by Darkness Release Blitz & #Giveaway

Saved by Darkness

by Katie Reus
 Darkness Series Publication 
Date: February 21, 2017  
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
He thought he lost her decades ago. Half-demon, half-dragon shifter Ian McCabe is hellbent on getting back the only woman he’s ever loved. When Fiona O’Riley kicked him out of her life decades ago, he thought she was gone for good. Now that she’s back, nothing will stop him from claiming her. But she wants nothing to do with him—or his family. She’ll do anything to save him. Fiona knows that Ian is the only male for her. The only way to keep him alive is to stay away from him. But when tragedy strikes and they discover a wicked agenda for the mass murder of humans, they must work together to take down the enemies that threaten everyone. But there’s so much more on the line. As their undeniable desire intensifies, they’re faced with an unbearable choice. If Fiona and Ian succumb to their temptation, mating could be the last thing they ever do.

About Katie Reus

Katie Reus is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Red Stone Security series, the Darkness series and the Deadly Ops series. She fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom’s stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer. After changing majors many times, she finally graduated summa cum laude with a degree in psychology. Not long after that she discovered a new love. Writing. She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense. For more information on Katie please visit her website: Also find her on twitter @katiereus or visit her on facebook at:

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Holdfast by Kate Carter Blitz and #Giveaway

Kate Carter
Publication date: December 14th 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult
Once they’d do anything to keep her safe. Now they’ll do anything to kill her.
The discovery of a genetically twisted corpse on her latest stepfather’s ranch in the Badlands of Forsaken triggers a desperate and brutal race against time for eighteen-year-old con artist Ariel Tesla when her loving stepbrothers are turned into monstrous killers with a single purpose: to hunt Ariel down and destroy her.
Running for her life, the one person she can turn to for help is the last person in the galaxy she can trust, former mark Hale Carrow. She needs a ship to get off the planet, fast; he wants revenge on the girl who broke his heart.
To save the family she never thought she wanted, she’s going to have to gamble on the boy she betrayed, or no-one’s life will ever be the same.
And hers will be over.
The human body can only handle so much stress. Ariel knew how this went. If she stopped, she wouldn’t be able to start again. She’d crash, and then she’d be at the mercy of anyone or anything that came along. Despite the danger of stopping, she found her steps slowing. It wasn’t, however, the exhausted halt she battled with every step, nor the jagged, stumbling, end-of-the-line finish she yearned for. It was a graceful, taut arrest of movement, up on the balls of her feet, body quivering, nerves screaming.
The mech shed was in sight, a shade beyond comfortable sprinting distance, dead ahead. She was out in the open, visible from every angle. Flat land stretched around her, rising to bluffs ahead and to her left. She turned, poised and scanning, all exhaustion forgotten.
A full circle sweep. Nothing. She stared over at the bluffs and jumped with a punch of sudden shock when a group of ferrokirrim broke over the ridge and bounded down the slope, scattering scree. A mother and her almost full-grown cubs, she registered. Heading right for her.
They’d take her down in a second. She’d be dead a second after that. In half an hour, she’d be a memory. She wasn’t ready to be a memory. She wasn’t ready for any of this, damn it. She bent her knees as they thundered her way, all the while thinking, What, are you going to wrestle them? There was nothing on the planet of Forsaken fiercer than a mother looking out for her cubs. Ariel braced.
They ran past her.
They ran right past, giving her a wide berth. She felt the mother’s eyes flick over her, dismiss her, then urge her cubs on with a spine-ruffling grunt.
Ariel straightened slowly, staring after them. They were running away from something.
What in hell would scare off a mother ferrokirrim?
A rock bounced down the scree slope.
Ariel counted the strikes. Three, then silence again. She did not want to turn and see what had knocked it loose. She didn’t have a choice. She turned.

Author Bio:
Kate Carter writes science fiction and fantasy, and lives in the UK. You can stay up to date with Kate's books through her Amazon author page.

Ebook copy of
HOLDFAST by Kate Carter


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If the Duke Demands (Capturing the Carlisles #1) by Anna Harrington

If the Duke Demands
by Anna Harrington

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Capturing the Carlisles - Book 1
Publisher: Forever (February 28, 2017)
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 368 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Miranda Hodgkins has only ever wanted one thing: to marry Robert Carlisle. And she simply can't wait a moment longer. During the Carlisle family masquerade ball, Miranda boldly sneaks into his bedchamber with seduction on her mind. Soon she's swept into rock-hard arms for the most breathtaking kiss of her life. But when the masks come off, she's horrified to find herself face-to-face with Sebastian, the Duke of Trent—Robert's formidable older brother.

Shocked to find Miranda in his bed, Sebastian quickly offers her a deal to avoid scandal: he'll help her win his brother's heart if she'll find him the perfect wife. But what begins as a simple negotiation soon spirals out of control. For the longer this reformed rake tries to make a match for Miranda, the more he wants to keep her all to himself.

 If the Duke Demands (Capturing the Carlisles #1)
by Anna Harrington 

If the Duke Demands (Capturing the Carlisles, #1)The Carlisle boys knew her as a child, she was like a little sister, but Miranda is all grown up now and she wants Robert Carlisle to see her as a woman, not the little girl she used to be. What better way to show him than to creep into his chambers in an alluring costume and seduce the man of her dreams? But even the best laid plans can go awry, but Miranda NEVER expected to enter the wrong chamber and find herself being kissed by the Duke of Trent, Robert’s older brother, Sebastian. Can you say awkward?

After vowing silence, Sebastian and Miranda make a pact, if he will help her to win Roberts heart, she will help him find a suitable young woman to be his Duchess during the Season in London. Sebastian has no thoughts of romance, only duty to his title. Miranda wants to be cherished by the man of her dreams. Can these two play cupid for each other and be successful or will they discover that as unlikely a pair as they may be, they fit together like a hand and glove?

Settle in as commoner Miranda takes London and a certain Duke by storm with her fresh beauty, charming wit and even her less than poised behavior as Cupid steps in where amateurs should never go and makes a surprising match for love!

Anna Harrington has taken the starch out of the stuffy London Aristocrats and sweetened their world with some well-place humor, a feisty commoner on a mission and a Duke trying to do what he thinks someone else would want. IF THE DUKE DEMANDS is historical romance as it should be!

Nothing says perfect couple like total denial and blindness to the facts. Miranda is wonderful, full of love, life and a woman who knows how to laugh, give of herself and stiffen her resolve when on a mission. She is also vulnerable and self-deprecating with a slice of sass. Sebastian had his shorts in such a bind, poor man, he was like a ship caught in a whirlpool of obligation, appearances and loneliness. I swear, if I heard him say he needed a proper duchess one more time, I was going to scream! Thank heavens when he let his guard down, he was perfectly human and a little unsure of himself!

Anna Harrington’s style handling historical romance with a carefree an FUN attitude was a delight!

I received this ARC edition from Forever Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His Country by David Carraturo

Cameron Nation:
Going All-In to Save His Country
by David Carraturo

Publisher: iUniverse (May 18, 2011)
Publication Date: May 18, 2011
Genre: Fiction
Print Length: 311 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Frustrated with the current political climate self-made billionaire, Chris Cameron retires from a successful hedge fund to focus on philanthropic endeavors. With the notoriety received after he competes in the World Series of Poker to raise money for his newest charities, the Tea Party member is introduced to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. A driven, charismatic, and brilliant leader by nature, Cameron soon finds himself invited into the elite world of professional politics.
When Chris is asked to be the running mate on the GOP ticket, he leaps at the opportunity. The duo is elected and with the assistance of a super-majority Republican-controlled Congress they quickly implement a far-reaching agenda to restore the United States to its rightful place atop the geopolitical stage.
Cameron Nation tells the story of how a street smart kid from the suburbs of New York City leverages a deep understanding of economic theory, the business world and the capital markets combined with the savvy of an experienced poker player to provide overwhelming strategic support and gain the trust of the new president and the growing conservative movement.

 Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His Country
by David Carraturo

Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His CountryChris has come a long way since his childhood, growing up in the middle of mobs, wiseguys and the loyalties of close-knit families. The Columbus Avenue Boys are now men, independent, free of the neighborhood and the lives they could have become trapped in. Having run far and fast, Chris is now a billionaire family man, retired and enjoying what life has to offer, while remaining heavily invested in the heart of politics with his ability to lead, debate, charm and organize. It is that charm and intelligence that gets him an invitation to run as the Vice President on the GOP ticket.

Now firmly ensconced in the political arena, the newly elected Vice President becomes part of a powerful force to make sweeping and monumental changes in government policies. Will his past aid him in getting his point across to his political enemies? Will they see he is a force to be reckoned with who will stop at nothing to see his agenda come to fruition?

Is Chris about to show that anyone can reach their dreams if they put forth the effort needed and work with single-minded purpose? Can he enact the changes needed to make America the power it once was or will bitter enemies and the dregs of the press bring him down through innuendo and muck raking?

CAMERON NATION by David Carraturo reads like an insiders’ diary to the underpinnings of politics, policy and hope for a nation in distress. Mr. Carraturo delivers a fascinating tale of political polices gone wrong, the efforts required to correct these policies and the supposed benefits to change. With a blend of fact and fiction, CAMERON NATION often reads like an insider’s view of the Washington movers, shakers and policy makers. Insults will be flung, power struggles will be played out and one man will prove his worth in terms of integrity, honor and his love of his country and the people who made it great.

David Carraturo’s writing is engaging, enlightening and entertaining. His characters pull off clever humor, daring moves and through it all, the three friends from Columbus Avenue always have each other’s backs. Mr. Carraturo’s treatment of time evolving is spot on, as we travel from one time to another and watch as the natural evolution of each character unfolds. If you want it all when you pick up a book or a series of books, want to envision personal growth and maturity and actually have a real-life type of hero to embrace, flaws and all, take a look at David Carraturo’s work, I think you’ll be amazed when the pages fade away and you become part of each scene, each page and each chapter. Highly recommended reading for those who like some thought provoking reading that ends much too quickly!

I received this copy from David Carraturo in exchange for my honest review.

Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

Dead over Heels
by Theresa Braun


Publisher: Frith Books (November 16, 2016)
Publication Date: November 16, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Ghosts
Print Length: 38 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Veronica’s first date with Sebastian not only stirs up a powerful attraction, but also a series of supernatural events that will tear them apart.

After countless hours of dead end online dating, Veronica meets up with Sebastian at a reportedly haunted restaurant, since he knows she has a fascination with the paranormal. While enjoying their meals and each other’s company, they share a shocking supernatural experience. Their romantic connection is overshadowed by the ghosts of their own pasts that threaten to destroy their budding relationship. Veronica decides she must return to the restaurant to face her past and dig up more answers. Unfortunately, she realizes she must go back, this time with a reluctant Sebastian. In the end, they join forces against the evil that stands between them, but will they make it out alive?

Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

Dead over HeelsTalk about killer heels! Theresa Braun’s DEAD OVER HEELS is a short, but dark and ghostly tale of Fate, Love, Rejection and possibly mistaken identity over a pair of high heel shoes.
Veronica was desperate for love, but it was that desperation and maybe the love spell she cast that gave her both the pleasure of love with Sebastian and the horror of seeing into the past.

On her first date with Sebastian, Veronica notices an older couple, deeply in love. There is something about them, something special, almost unearthly. In celebration of their one month anniversary, they return to the restaurant and there, at the same table are that special couple. And that is when both Veronica and Sebastian’s pasts collide and their most painful memories return with a vengeance, a vengeance that becomes a living nightmare for one of them because of a pair of shoes.

Not all authors can write a short story and please readers, but Theresa Braun has done it! Well thought out, good characters, fascinating action and just enough paranormal to leave one wondering, what if…

Perfect when you can sneak in some reading time!

I received this copy from Theresa Braun in exchange for my honest review.

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody by A.A. Freda

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody
by A.A. Freda

My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Publisher: FriesenPress; 1 edition (September 20, 2016)
Publication Date: September 20, 2016
Genre: Literary Fiction | Coming of Age
Print Length: 317 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Who is the mysterious Rudy Kazoody, and what, if anything, did he have to do with the events that occurred to a group of teenagers during one fateful summer in New York City's Bronx neighborhood in the early 1960s?

Growing up is difficult enough. But when you're a recent immigrant arriving in a country that is going through its own coming-of-age process, fueled by rock 'n' roll, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, free love, the pill, LSD, and the Cold War, it's downright confusing, and for some--lethal.

With the various upheavals shaking America to its core, Joey, whose family emigrated to the Bronx from Italy's Apennine Mountains, struggles to retain his innocent, optimistic outlook on life as he and the other young teenagers on Arthur Avenue--virtually all of whom also come from immigrant, working-class families--try to find their place in this new order.

From the euphoria of first love to the despair of dashed dreams and betrayal, Joey emerges from the summer sadder but wiser in this romantic, mysterious, and nostalgic tale. Behind it all lurks the mysterious Rudy Kazoody, an enigma that Joey feels he must solve or else remain forever just outside the inner circle of life and love.

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody by A.A. Freda

Goodbye, Rudy KazoodyFollow Joey’s formative years as an Italian-American immigrant growing up during a time of American social turmoil and consciousness in the tumultuous 60’s in the Bronx. Part of the Arthur Avenue gang, these young people all fail from the same socio-economic backgrounds and immigrant status.

He came to America filled with a sweet innocence and dreams of a land of plenty. What he finds is a hard-scrabble world where family and neighborhood loyalty are everything and being the cousin of the most respected kid on the block is both a bonus and a curse. Nicknamed Priest, for his naiveté and positive outlook that he struggles to maintain, Joey sees the world from both sides of the street, as he worships the ground his cousin Spike walks on.

Quite often the actions, words and deeds of Spike drive this tale as he seems to charm all around him on one hand while creating haters on the other. Meanwhile, there are the firsts experienced by teens, from love to sexual attraction and those immature comments as they realize that girls really are built differently.

This is the story of uncharted territory, following the crowd and finding the fortitude to carve one’s own path as these teens enter pre-adulthood. Who will rise from neighborhood unscathed, who will fall to its allure and fail to fly? Who will find that the Bronx is the end of their journey?

Told from Joey’s point of view, we see the world through his young eyes, feel his confusion, fear, and hear honest inner declarations. We will journey with him as he attempts to learn who Rudy Kazoody is and what part he plays in all of their lives.

A.A. Freda fills GOODBYE RUDY KAZOODY with a life of its own through these teens as their story becomes a saga of growing pains, young love and coming of age. An engaging read with moments of laughter, tears and the trials of youth. A wonderful read written from the heart by a very talented author!!

I received this copy from A.A. Freda in exchange for my honest review.

Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus

Mirror, Mirror
by Jessica Jesinghaus

Publication Date: July 28, 2016
Publisher: Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: Romantic Paranormal Suspense
Print Length: 336 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Nearly twenty years ago a teenage girl was murdered...

Samantha Carlson was just a young girl when her cousin, Emily, was brutally raped and killed in her own home. As a child, Sam's family did their best to shelter her from the gruesome details. Now, working the crime beat for the Portland Tribune, Sam has the resources at her fingertips to investigate the case for herself.

Through the eyes of a killer...

After inheriting a family heirloom, an antique vanity table that once belonged to her murdered cousin, Sam begins seeing visions in the mirror's depths. Like watching an old home movie, she bears witness to Emily's murder. As if that weren't frightening enough, she starts to see other things too: fleeting glimpses of the killer himself! Are the things she sees just a figment of her imagination or could something otherworldly be trying to communicate with her? When the killer strikes again and leaves clues behind meant specifically for Sam it becomes a race against time to try to catch him.

Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus

Mirror, MirrorOne of the best things about a well-written mystery/suspense is trying to guess the outcome as the clues begin to pile up, but I have to be honest, the author who has nailed their craft will leave saying, “I didn’t see THAT one coming.” Congratulations to author Jessica Jesinghaus! I didn’t see that one coming! You had me hooked on MIRROR, MIRROR from page one as you ramp up the action, tossed out the bread crumbs and led me on a merry chase through your written maze to the end!

Sam found the antique vanity table in her grandmother’s basement. Twenty years prior, it belonged to her older cousin, a teen brutally raped and murdered, her killer still on the loose. A tenacious crime reporter, Sam thought she had seen it all, but when brutal images begin showing up in the mirror, Sam is positive she is watching her cousin’s last moments from the killer’s eyes. Even more unnerving are the glimpses of the monster himself, but she never sees enough to identify the killer. Could Emily be sending a message from beyond the veil of life? Is she showing Sam the murders done by the same man?

Sam finds it impossible NOT to investigate Emily’s murder for herself. That investigation will lead into a dark abyss of danger as Sam learns more that it is safe for her know. Is the murderer after her now? How does he know she has “spoken” to Emily? Is he taunting Sam with clues?

It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse and Sam is being lured into the trap. Not until the terror gets too close to home do the authorities believe in Sam’s claims, but by then, it may be too late.

Settle in for a dark tale of twisted evil while a voice from the dead urges Sam toward the hidden truth that will completely turn her world upside down. Jessica Jesinghaus has mastered her craft, building a world that feels veiled in secrets with answers just out of one’s grasp. An excellent read that was hard to put down until I could discover if Emily could finally move on or if she even wanted to! The atmosphere is set from the front cover on, and its a nail biter.

I received this copy from Jessica Jesinghaus, because I think I coerced her into it! My review is honest and voluntary, though!

Excerpt Reveal for HER SECRET RANGER by Donna Michaels

Kissing the sexy soldier was a dare she couldn’t resist…


The Men of At Ease Ranch #2

Donna Michaels

Releasing March 6th, 2017

Entangled Lovestruck

Kissing the sexy soldier was a dare she couldn’t resist…

By-the-book event planner Beth Brannigan’s best friend dared her to kiss a cowboy. She should have said no. Instead, she said please…again and again. If her brother finds out she’s dating—okay, kissing—okay, sleeping with—one of his military buddies, he’ll kill her. Assuming he doesn’t kill his friend first.

Former Army Ranger Brick Mitchum isn’t a relationship kind of guy. But then he meets Beth and starts to wonder if maybe it’s time he settled down. She’s mysterious. Unpredictable. Curvy in every way he needs… And hiding something. He’s just got to figure out what. 

“I know what we should do. Let’s play truth or dare.”


Beth drew back and adamantly shook her head. “Let’s not.”

“Come on. We could both use something to lighten things up. So, let’s see…” Her friend’s gaze narrowed as she tapped a finger on her chin. “I can’t help but feel there’s something you’re not telling me about the Roadhouse. The fact you knew about the line dancing has my Spidey sense tingling. So…truth: Did you meet someone there the last time you were in town?”

Damn. She’d forgotten about her friend’s astute superpower. “What are you talking about?”

Rachel’s amused, albeit determined, blue gaze bore deep. “Either tell me the truth about that weekend or take a dare.”

Double damn.

Beth didn’t do dares. Ever. She’d always taken the “truth” option of the game during their adolescence. She couldn’t risk reprimands or hospital bills back then. Not much had changed. But she wasn’t about to reveal her sexy cowboy weekend, either. With a lift of her chin, she held Rachel’s gaze. “Dare.”

The bugger’s grin grew wicked as satisfaction gleamed in her eyes. “I dare you to kiss the next cowboy who walks through the gate.”

Beth gasped. “I can’t do that! What if he’s married?” She jumped to her feet and headed to a nearby trash can to toss her garbage. “Not happening.”

Rachel followed and shrugged. “You have to. You chose dare. But, I’ll amend it to: you have to kiss the next single cowboy who walks through the gate. We’ll watch for wedding rings. And just because you’re not looking doesn’t mean you can ignore the da…amn.” Her friend blinked. “Wow, Beth. I almost wish you’d given me the dare. Turn around and check out your ‘single’ cowboy.”

Without giving her the chance to protest, Rachel grasped Beth’s shoulders and physically turned her to face the gate and one hell of a sexy cowboy. Well over six foot of solid muscle that rippled under a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans hugging lean hips and thighs, the guy oozed hotness she felt with an invisible wave of heat.

Her throat went dry. It was…him. The cowboy from two weeks ago. Seriously? What were the chances he’d walk back into her life at that exact moment? “Uh…”

“I know, right? And there’s not a wedding ring in sight. Now go over there and kiss him.” Her snickering friend pushed her after the hunk striding toward the livestock section of the fair. “Go on before he gets away. Or is that what you wanted?”

She gulped. Pulled herself together. The knowing tone in her friend’s voice revealed she expected Beth to chicken out.


Any other time, yes, she’d lose the dare. It was childish and irresponsible, and she didn’t have time for foolish games. But she did have time to help her friend de-stress. Her friend who was also her client. It was Beth’s duty to put her client at ease. So, technically, it was her duty to kiss the sexy cowboy whose body she knew as well as her own.

That was her story and she was sticking to it.

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Rachel squealed and clapped her hands.

Grasping bravado with two fists, Beth set her shoulders, lifted her chin, and marched after the hot guy striding away from her down the fairway. So what if she’d decided he was part of her past? The opportunity was too good to pass up. Things like this never happened to her.

Zigzagging around fairgoers, she avoided running into two children wearing a blue coating of cotton candy, and closed in on her prey. Her confidence rose with each step. Not only had she received her first ever dare, she was actually in the position to have the upper hand on the challenge.

A flicker of guilt and a touch of anxiety mixed with excitement. She pushed them both aside and smiled when the cowboy suddenly stiffened and came to a halt. It was as if he could feel her presence as sure as she could feel his. Not wanting Rachel to see the guy’s expression, Beth didn’t give him a chance to turn around. She slid in front of him, her anxiety fading at the pleasure curving his mouth into a sexy grin, dimpling his cheeks.

“Hello, Brick,” she said.

Then she cupped his deliciously scruffed jaw, pulled his face down, and kissed the ever loving heck out of him.

Enter to Win a Print Copy

Donna Michaels is an award winning, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction. Her hot, humorous, and heartwarming stories include cowboys, men in uniform, and some sexy, primal alphas. With a husband in the military fulltime, and a household of nine, she never runs out of material to write, and has rightfully earned the nickname Lucy…and sometimes Ethel. From short to epic, her books entertain readers across a variety of sub-genres, and one has even being hand drawn into a Japanese translation. Now, if only she could read it.

#Cover Reveal - Blindsided by Ava Ashley

Ava Ashley
Publication date: March 6th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports
Sex and spice, and everything cold as ice. That’s what Lennox Hardy is made of.
At least, those are the cold hard facts I discover when one night of indiscretion reads like a tabloid headline and I get knocked up by the womanizing bad boy and Sacramento Cougars’ quarterback…
…and he can’t even remember me.
It’s the story of a lifetime when I become wedged between identical twins with a shady past and an even shadier future as one brother plots and the other fights to gain control over a consuming rage.
The real story is…will love consume us first?
Carefully, I slip out from under the covers and drop to my knees on the floor. Maybe I can find some sort of evidence before he wakes up. Something that will appease Giselle, but not something that could hurt Lennox in any kind of way. I slowly turn and start to crawl away from the bed. Lennox rustles behind me. I freeze. I dare a slow head turn in his general direction.
The rise and fall of his chest is steady. Even. Rhythmic. A peaceful, contented smile curls along the edges of his mouth. For a half a second, I take a little bit of pride that I may be at least partially responsible for putting it there. He has one arm crooked, hand tucked beneath a tousled mop of sheepdog blonde. Long, golden lashes brush his high cheekbones as he sleeps undisturbed.
I exhale a heavy, but quiet, sigh of relief and continue my subtle egress. I get halfway across the room when I freeze in my tracks.
What am I doing? This isn’t me! What are you going to do? Dig through his trash? Root through his mail?
On hands and knees in the middle of the floor, I start to give myself a well-deserved mental ass chewing.
“Well, now there’s a position I could get used to.” Lennox’s voice teases in a sleepy drawl behind me. My head droops in embarrassment.
Lennox yawned like lion as he stretched his toned arms over his head. “So, I’ve heard of the ‘walk of shame’, but I gotta admit. I’ve never seen a ‘crawl of shame.’ Where are you off to?”
Alright, Sloane. Suck it up.

Author Bio:
Amazon bestselling author Ava Ashley may look like the girl next door, but her steamy romances reveal a very naughty side. Raised in small town Ohio and now living in Homer, Alaska it’s amazing that she hasn’t increased the average temperature in her area of the state with her steamy writing. And she loves reading new adult romance novels as much as she enjoys writing them.
Ava likes spending time outdoors and does a lot of hiking and cycling with her husband and four children. When she can get away on her own, she’ll often take pen and paper along, find a secluded spot and let the environment inspire her. Of course, that inspiration frequently results in characters tearing each other’s clothes off, but you would expect nothing less from a romance writer.

Ava has 3 SIGNED PRINT copies and 3 eCopies of Blindsided up for grabs right now.